Metal Slurry pump Parts

Main metal wetted parts are Impeller, Volute, Throat Bush, Frame Plate Liner Insert , Expeller, Expeller Ring... and they are made of high chrome alloy, 27%, SA05,anti-wear, anti-abrasive , ASTM 532,Class III, Type A and long service-life, allowable PH 5-12.

According to the different requirement from clients, there are optional materials: SA033, SA49, SA07, and PU(Polyurethane)etc.

Material Dode Applications Remark
SG01 Casing, Frame, Bearing housing, Stuffing box, Stuffing Gland Grey Iron
SD21 Casing, Frame, Bearing housing Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
SA05/SA07/SA33 Impeller, Volute, Expeller, Throat bushing, FPL, Expeller Ring High Chrome Alloy
SA49 Impeller, Volute, Throat bushing, FPL

OEM Material Special material for pumps and pump parts are available according to clients chemical component request

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