Goulds 3196 ANSI Pump

Sunbo Pump G type Chemical Process Pump is equivalent to Goulds 3196 pump and D type Chemical Process Pump is equivalent to Durco Marke 3 pump. There are three kinds of material for your convenience, SS316, CD4M and CN7M, to meet different working condition request. Both of the two types of pumps run outstanding hydraulic performance, supreme reliability, lowest cost and very easy maintenance.

Avalible Pump Size:

1x1.5-6 1.5x1-62
1x1.5-8 1.5x1-82
1.5x3-6 3x1.5-62
1.5x3-8 3x1.5-82
2x3-6 3x2-62
3x4-7 3x2-82
2x3-8 4x3-82
3x4-8 2x1-10A
3x4-8G 3x1.5-10
1x2-10 3x1.5-10A
1.5x3-10 3x2-10
2x3-10 3x2-10A
3x4-10 4x3-10
3x4-10H 4x3-10H
4x6-10 6x4-10
4x6-10H 6x4-10H
1.5x3-13 3x1.5-13
2x3-13 3x2-13
3x4-13 4x3-13
4x6-13 4x3-13HH
6x8-13 6x4-13A
8x10-13 8x6-14A
8x10-15 10x8-16
8x10-15G 10x8-16H
6x8-15 6x4-16
4x6-17 8x6-16
6x8-17 8x6-16A

Capacities to 7000 GPM (1590 m 3 /h)
Heads to 730 feet (223 m)
Temperatures to 700?F (371?C)
Pressures to 375 PSIG (26 bar)

Fully Open Impeller
Heavy Duty Casing Design
Engineered Seal Chambers
Back Pull-out Design, easy maintenance
External Impeller Adjustment

Typical applications
Chemical transfer
Petrochemical Processing
Puple & Paper
Food and Beverage Processing
Primary Metals
Corrrosive Service

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