The Shaft Sleeve spare part code is 075 and 076. We have slurry pump shaft sleeve in material 4Cr13, Ceramic coated, tungsten carbide coated and stainless steel, to meet different applications. The slurry pump shaft sleeve protects the pump shaft from slurry abrasion and corrosion, enhance the pump life time. And more, we offer OEM service of shaft sleeve business for world branded pumps.


Shaft Sleeve Code Pump Model Replacement of Warman Slurry Pump Model
S B075 25HS-B40HS-B 1.5/1B-AH, 2/1.5B-AH
S BSC075 50B-SL 50B-L
S C075 50HS-C75HS-C75C-SL 3/2C-AH, 4/3C-AH, 75C-L
S CH075 25HHS-C 1.5/1C-HH
S D075 75HS-D,100HS-D,100D-SL,50HHS-D,100D-SG 4/3D-AH, 6/4D-AH, 100D-L, 3/2D-HH, 6/4D-G
S E075 100HS-E150HS-E150HS-R,150E-SL,200MS-E, 75HHS-E,150E-SG
6/4E-AH, 8/6E-AH, 8/6R-AH, 150E-L, 10/8E-M, 4/3E-HH, 8/6E-G
S F075 150HS-F,200MS-F,100HHS-F,200F-SG 8/6F-AH, 10/8F-M, 6/4F-HH, 10/8F-G
S FAM075 200HS-F,250HS-F,200HS-F 10/8F-AH, 12/10F-AH, 14/12F-AH
S G075 250G-SG, 300G-SG,250G-SGH 12/10G-G, 14/12G-G, 12/10G-GH
S S075 300S-SL 300S-L
S SH075 200HS-ST,250HS-ST,300HS-ST 10/8ST-AH, 12/10ST-AH, 14/12ST-AH
S TH075 350HS-TU,300TU-SG,350TU-SG,350TU-GH 16/14TU-AH,14/12TU-G,16/14TU-G,16/14TU-GH
S TH076 350HS-TU,300TU-SG,350TU-SG,350TU-GH 16/14TU-AH,14/12TU-G,16/14TU-G,16/14TU-GH