Casing halves of cast or ductile iron with external reinforcing ribs provide high operating pressure capabilities and an extra measure of safety.

Cover Plate is the suction end of slurry pump head part. It's the outer shell of the radial subdivision, and combined with Frame plate together make up to the whole pump body.Pump cover is under pressure of pump cavity, and at the same time bear the force of pipeline.So Cover plate has more higher request for strength.Normally the material of slurry pumps cover plate below 8/6 size is SG02 (Gary Iron Casting),but for pump bigger size over 8/6 is SD21(Ductile Iron Casting) to bear higher pressure .For all the series-connected pumps,we must choose the SD21 material.

Frame plate casing is another important part of split casing slurry pump.It connect with Frame plate liner insert and beside with the Pump Bearing Bearing housing assembly.Same as the cover plate,Frame plate also handle the pressure of pump cavity.The working pressure of slurry pump in series is decided by the loading capability of cover plate and frame choosing the right material of slurry pumps frame plate is very important.

Sunbo provide SG02 (Gary Iron Casting),SD21(Ductile Iron Casting)and SD20(another Ductile Iron Casting) to meet your verity of application.The correct material choosing is the insurance of replace mining slurry pumps function absolutely.

OEM Pump Casing is avaliable, SG01,SD20 and SA05 ...according to customer request to

meet their special pumping application condition.