450WN Dredge Pump


WN type Dredging Pump is horizontal, single-stage cantilevered structure, which is designed to meet the requirement of the contractor demanding and comprehensive dredging requirement. WN type dredge pump impeller passage is very wide, to continuous pumping gravel or high plastic clay and not happens jam. The minimal amount of wear parts design in these dredge pumps results in reduced wear, long life and lower maintenance which translates into less downtime, significant cost savings and dredging good performance within high efficiency.

200 WN - 500 WN type dredge pump integral by a single pump shell, single stage single suction cantilever horizontal structure, press and gear box of the connection way all can provide two kinds of typical structure, namely take bracket type and pump box and type. Own bracket type lubrication way as the grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication.

600 WN - 1000 WN type dredge pump overall adopts double pump shell, single stage single suction cantilever horizontal structure, bring their own bracket, lubrication way as the forced thin oil lubrication. Double pump shell the safety and reliability of the design makes sheath always can use to close to wear through, and when sheath rupture, pump room will not fill.


  • Front release construction, easy to maintain
  • Impeller release collar, easy disassembly
  • Good performance of NPSH
  • Big particles passage
  • Change the speed or diameter of impeller to change working point
  • Wear resistant metal wet end parts, long service life.
  • High efficiency



Dredging industries

Hydraulic Mud Fill

Sand Suction




Performance Curve for this 450WN pump model:


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