When you buy warman slurry pump parts, please pay more attention to weight firstly, not the low price suppliers offer 

1. slurry pump parts weight 

Why the slurry pump weight firstly ? Because the weight is the most simple, and also the most commonly used way. Slurry pump casting cost is based on the weight calculation, for example, a slurry pump volute linner is 200 kg according to drawing requirements, but if the manufacturer reduce the weight of impeller to 150 kg, assuming that the price of per kg is 6 USD, it would save 300 USD. One of our Russia customers told us that he bought a 6/4 slurry pump , which 500.00USD than us, when he got the pump, 200.00kgs less than ours. Let alone the life time, down sharply. 

Here are some standard high chrome alloy weight of warman A05 slurry pump impeller, volute liner, throatbush, FPL insert:

Slurry pump impeller : B1127NA:4Kg, B15127NA:6.3Kg, C2147:17Kg , D3147NA:24Kg, E4147:69Kg, F6147:190Kg, G8147:373Kg, G10147:490Kg, GAM14147:1123Kg.

Slurry pump volute liner: B1110NA:11.5Kg, B15110NA:14.1Kg, C2110NA:36Kg, D3110:66.5Kg, E4110:120Kg, F6110: 282Kg, G8110:375.5Kg, G10110:611Kg, G12110:1100Kg, H14110:1403Kg.

Slurry pump throatbush: E4083:48.4Kg, F6083:117.5Kg, G8083:188Kg, G10083:250Kg, G12083:390Kg, H14083:496Kg.

Slurry pump frame plate liner insert: B1041NA:3.5Kg, B15041NA:4.3Kg, C2041:7Kg, D3041:17Kg, E4041:31.6Kg, F6041:84Kg, G8041:164Kg, G10041:221.5Kg, G12041:370Kg, H14041:400Kg.

2. slurry pump raw material and hardness

The raw material of the slurry pump includes chromium (Cr), copper, manganese, nickel, silicon, iron, molybdenum, etc. For example:hight chrome alloy A05(KmTBCr26),chrome alloy content should not less than 26%,nickel content should be 5%... these are the key metallic element of the SA05. If the chrome more or less of 20%, very little nickel or hardly no nickel at all, then the cost down, the hardness down, surely the price down too. The standard high chrome alloy hardness should be between 56HRC to 60HRC to get good characteristics for toughness and wear resistance.

Do you think that it doesn`t matter?

More, the heat treatment technology is very important too, also the machining, test...

So when your Chinese slurry pump supplier gives you a very suprised low price, please keep an eye on the quality.