New Design Centrifugal Sand Blender Pump, Mission Magnum XP Pump 14X12-22 New Design


Sunbo made New Design of  high chrome alloy Sand Discharge Blender Pump,upper grade to replacement of  Mission Magnum XP centrifugal pump 14x12-22. Design for more heavy-duty and hydraulic fracturing applications. Now Sunbo team finished the new design of the SXP 14x12-150 pump, bigger Capacity and better hydraulic pump performence. And passed the application running test already.

The new pump is much more advantage than Mission Magnum XP Blender Pump and MCM XL Pump 12x14-22  pumps. Which are ideally suited for pumping higher volumes of heavy ceramic sand slurry that are abrasive, corrosive, and rough to pump. The compact overall dimensions make it an excellent choice for high volume mobile and stationary applications. High chrome alloy or hard iron material options for different applications.

Mission Magnum XP Pump Design Features:

> Full-open wide impeller and Improved heavy duty, open impeller.

> Longer life no adjustment mechanical seal available for near zero leakage.

> Thick, concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad.

> High chrome alloy material, high abrasion resistance.

> Larger power to ensure large flow rates and head pressure.

> Small footprint design is versatile for mobile and stationary application.

> Working for fracking industrial standard and blending application.

> Each casing is pressure tested before delivery.

> Heat treatment improves hardness and wear resistance, guaranteeing a longer service life.

> Shaft sleeves are made by 416SS and ceramic coating to protect shaft from abrasive fluids for extra life.

> Mechanical seals can be Tungsten-Tungsten, Tungsten-Silicone, or Silicone-Carbide, all with highly polish sealing face and piton bellow and stainless steel springs.

> The pumps can be unitized with Ex-proof electric motors, diesel engines in-line or over-belt driven configuration.

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