Slurry pump can be widely used in mines, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries to transport slurry containing abrasive solid particles. Slurry transport in mines, hydro-ash removal from coal-fired power plants, coal slurry in heavy coal washing plants and heavy-medium transport, dredging of river channels, and dredging of rivers. In the chemical industry, some corrosive slurries containing crystals can also be transported. The short service life of a slurry pump is a well-known fact. The wear of the slurry pump is mainly due to the corrosion of the slurry and the erosion of the liquid.

Many studies have been conducted in the past on pure corrosion protection coatings. In actual production, most paints and coatings are used for anti-corrosion. However, in terms of corrosion and wear, due to the limited research work carried out in the past, coating research work specifically designed to resist corrosion and wear has been rare. It is true that most coating materials have a certain ability to resist corrosion wear, but a special corrosion wear protective coating works better under strong corrosion wear conditions. This coating is a wear-resistant spray polyurethane coating.

The advantages of elastomeric polyurethanes in this area are even more pronounced. Its high elongation and wide range of hardness; its wear resistance, biocompatibility and blood compatibility are particularly prominent. At the same time, it also has excellent oil resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, radiation resistance and weight, heat insulation, insulation and other properties. Spray polyurethane has excellent properties such as abrasion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, vibration absorption and noise reduction, high strength, and strong adhesion to metal, low noise, good self-cleaning effect, reduced wear of slurry pump, energy saving and prolonged The life of the slurry pump can even improve the working efficiency of the slurry pump to some extent. This polyurethane elastomer material is almost the most non-metallic material that meets the requirements of the mine, and can even replace some of the metal material.

This material has good wear resistance and erosion resistance. What's more important is the superior performance of the matching adhesive. After a long period of impact and mechanical action, it still has a strong adhesion to the surface of the substrate and has been successfully used in the working environment of the slurry pump. The development prospect is very broad.

This wear-resistant coating has a large span of Shore hardness. From Shaw A45 to Shore D60. The hardness can be adjusted according to different working conditions, the content of polar groups can be increased, the hydrogen bonds can be fully utilized to increase intermolecular forces, and the effective coating time can be effectively extended. In addition, this material not only can effectively resist erosion and cavitation wear, but also can withstand strong acid and alkali corrosion in the range of 3-11 pH. This material not only protects the surface from water erosion, cavitation wear, but also protects parts from acid and alkali corrosion. It is a truly versatile surface treatment material. This type of material is universally strong and widely used in various industrial fields where it is necessary to provide corrosion protection and wear protection, and has achieved good results. Facts have proved that this kind of material has a very strong bond with the substrate, and the life of the coating is generally more than ten times higher than that of ordinary metal materials. The economic benefits are quite significant.