14x12x22 Mission Magnum XP Pump

The Hydraulic Fracturing Pump SXP 14x12x22 is equivalent to Mission Magnum XP 14x12x22 . single  stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal pump. The pump covers applications of big capacity of abrasive, corrosive and plain tough slurries with high sand concentration, especially oil and gas stimulation on frac trucks. . Full pipe diameter entrance design guarantees the pumps maximum efficiency. Compact dimension design make the fracking pump ideal for mobile or stationary applications. All the pump fuild ends spare parts are made of high chrome alloy, A05, STM532, Class III, Type A, with hardness 62HR, ensures the pump maximum life time.

  - Pump Model:  8x6x18,12x10x23, 14x12x22
  - Flow rate from a few gallons per minute up to7,500 GPM
  - Head Pressure up to 540 feet
  - Material: High chrome alloy, SA05, ASTM532, Hardness: 62HRC = 646.84HB
  - Best utilized for applications requiring up to 500HP

   - Sand slurry
   - Blending
   - Slag
   - Fly ash
   - Bottom ash
   - Dredge tailings
   - Food processing
   - Paper pulp processing
   - Waste slurries
   - Sewage
   - Fluid supercharging
   - Spent liquor
   - Nickel shot
   - Copper, bauxite, and quarry slurries
   - Lead and zinc ore and tailings

Mission Magnum XP Pump Parts List:


No.DescriptionQty.Part NumberProcessing Number
Item #DescriptionQty.Part NumberProcessing Number
1Casing, 14X12X22124022-01-30A65112020625Bearing, Outboard (14X12 )120616-2658413307

Casing, 12x10x23
Bearing, Outboard (12X10 & 8X6)2

Casing, 8x6x18
25289-02-30A66200208926Seal, Bearing Cover17496-267658408802
2Nut, Casing323932-6164840201427Lock Washer16124-6658407002
3Stud, Casing (14X12 & 12X10)323862-8665840330828Lock Nut, Bearing16123-6658406509

Stud, Casing (8X6)163862-9060120828529Oil Seal, Bearing Cover220619-04658413638

Stud, Casing (8X6)163862-9264840111830Drive Screws612530601482417
4Gasket, Casing (14x12x22)210399-55-0165841050131Nameplate123017601501505

Gasket, Casing (12x10x23)

Gasket, Casing (8x6x18)
25012-02-0566201003233Key, Coupling14372-30-21658405055
5Cover, Front (14x12x22)124021-01-3065431030934Cover, Bearing O.B.124033-01-01654314004

Cover, Front (12x10x23)
25009-01-3066201400335Bolts, Bearing Cover23861-139648401081

Cover, Front (8x6x18)
25291-02-3066201412936Washer, Bearing Cover23936-19-L8648402030
6Impeller, 14x12 Clockwise Rot. 22"124024-X0-HS66200500337Nuts, Bearing Housing23932-62658404702

Impeller, 12x10 Clockwise Rot. 23"
25010-Y0-3066200500238Bolt, Bearing Housing43861-138648401057

Impeller, 8x6 Clockwise Rot. 18"
25292-T0-3066200501839Washer, Flat23936-19-L8648402030
7Seal, Impeller Nose17496-15865840810940Bolt, Packing Gland23861-165601408289
8Key, Impeller14372-29-2165840500641Gland, Packing Half224034-01-13654315100
9Nose, Impeller ( Hex Design)124025-04-25L65230960142Packing Set18264-344-K658409503

Nose, Impeller (Two Flat Design)
24025-01-25L65230960043Screw, Cap23909-04-87658404207

Nose, Impeller (2 Flat Ion Nitride)
24025-03-25L66201405444Plug, Grease18505-1601474695
10Screw, Set114430-1965841140045Breather18267-1601473689

Mission Magnum XP Pump Pictures:

blender pump.jpg

Mission magnum XP pump.jpg

Mission magnum XP pump,blender pump.jpg

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