1. before the inspection
1) Check the direction of rotation of the motor is consistent with the direction of rotation of the pump (please refer to the corresponding model instructions). In the test motor rotation direction, should be a separate test motor, must not be connected with the pump test.
2) Check whether the elastic pad in the coupling is intact or not.
3) Check that the motor shaft and pump rotate concentrically.
4) handcart car (including motor) pump should not be astringent and friction phenomenon.
5) Check the bearing box to join the bearing oil to the oil mark indicating position.
6) Slurry pump should be started before the shaft sealing water seal (mechanical seal for the cooling water), at the same time to start the pump inlet valve, close the pump outlet valve.
7) Check the valve is flexible and reliable.
8) Others, such as anchor bolts, flange seals and bolts. Piping system is installed correctly, solid and reliable.

2, start running and monitoring
1) Slurry pump should be started before the pump inlet valve, close the pump outlet valve. Then start the pump, start the pump and then slowly start the pump outlet valve, pump outlet valve opening size and speed, the pump should not vibrate and the motor does not exceed the rated current to grasp.
2) series pump with start, also follow the above method. Just open a pump, you can end of the pump outlet valve to find a little (open size to a pump motor current rated current of 1/4 is appropriate), and then you can start two three Until the last stage pump, tandem pump all started, you can gradually open the last stage of the pump outlet valve, the size of the valve to open the speed, the pump should not vibrate and any level of pump motor is not over-rated current to grasp.
3) The main purpose of the slurry pump is to deliver the flow rate. Therefore, it is best to install the flow meter (meter) in the operation monitoring system to monitor the flow rate at any time. In the pipeline system with swirler, Filter press dewatering system also requires a certain pressure at the exit of the pipeline. Therefore, in this system should also be fitted with pressure gauge to monitor whether the pressure meets the requirements.
4) In addition to monitoring the pump flow during operation, pressure, but also to monitor the motor do not exceed the rated current of the motor. Always monitor oil seals, bearings and other normal phenomenon occurs, the pump takes place or overflow pool, etc., and at any time.

3, slurry pump routine maintenance
1) The suction pipe system of the pump is not allowed to leak. The grille in the pump chamber should meet the requirements of the particles that the pump can pass to prevent the blockage of large particles or long-fiber materials entering the pump.
2) To promptly replace the investment parts, repair and assembly to be correct, the gap adjustment is reasonable, no austerity friction phenomenon.
3) Bearing pressure, water to meet the requirements, at any time to adjust (or replace) the degree of tightness of the filler, do not cause shaft seal leakage. And timely replacement sleeve.
4) When replacing the bearing, be sure to ensure that the bearing assembly is dust-free and the lubricating oil is clean. When the pump is running, the bearing temperature should not exceed 60-65 Fahrenheit, and the maximum should not exceed 75 Fahrenheit.
5) To ensure the motor and pump concentricity, to ensure complete and correct elastic pad coupling, damage should be promptly replaced.
6) to ensure that the pump components and piping system is installed correctly, solid and reliable.

4, slag pump disassembly
1) Disassembly and Assembly of Pump Head Parts Disassembly and clearance adjustment of pump head parts should be carried out according to the assembly drawings.
2) Shaft sealing part The packing shaft should be disassembled and assembled according to the assembly drawing. In order to ensure the sealing effect of the packing shaft seal, the shape of the packing opening should be cut and cut as shown in the figure. When loading into the packing box, Filler openings should be offset 108 degrees loaded.