DE-CP PREMIUM 250 Pump Replacement Parts

Sunbo offers Centrifugal Sand Pump and spare parts, also pump complete packages, mobile pump packages. We also offer replacement Centrifugal Pumps and spare parts as well as refurbishment and repair of your existing pumps bought from NOV mission magnum, Halco, O'Drill MCM, Forum Energy, Double Life, Southwest, ABCO, Mesco, TSC, Midcontinents, Dupagro or any China mission pump supplier.

Sunbo Pump offers full set of pump repairs as the following:

Hard Iron, 26% High Chrome, SS.304, SS 316 Casing, Impeller, Stuffing Box

SKF bearings

40Cr heat treated shaft

Fiber housing gaskets

Stainless steel, Ceramic coating shaft sleeve

NBR, Viton o-rings

Hard iron housing, bearing cover

Tungst.Carbide Mechanical seal

Teflon, Graphite shaft packing

DE-CP PREMIUM 250  Pump Parts List:

2AG0006055Shaft and Bearing Assembly1
3G0006003Outboard bearing Housing1
4G0006004Packing Gland1
5G0006005Inboard Bearing1
6G0006006Slinger Ring, water1
7G0006007Inboard Bearing Cover1
8G0006008Outboard Bearing1
9G0006009Outboard Bearing Cover1
10G0006010Graphite Packing1
10G0006011King Packing1
10G0006012Teflon Packing1
10G0006013Mechanical seal1
11G0006014Gland Bolt Assembly1
12G0006015Shaft Sleeve, Ceramic1
12G00060311Shaft Sleeve, Stainless Steel1
13G0006016Stuffing Box F/Packing1
13G0006017Stuffing Box F/Packing1
14G0006184, G0006183, G0006182, G0006181, G0006180, G0006179, G0006178, G0006177, G0006176, G0006175, G0006018Impeller, 3x2x131

3x2x12.5, 3x2x12, 3x2x11.5, 3x2x11, 3x2x10.5, 3x2x10, 3x2x9.5, 3x2x9, 3x2x8.5, 3x2x8

G0006194, G0006193, G0006192, G0006191, G0006190, G0006189, G0006188, G0006187, G0006186, G0006185, G0006019Impeller, 4x3x131

4x3x12.5, 4x3x12, 4x3x11.5, 4x3x11, 4x3x10.5, 4x3x10, 4x3x9.5, 4x3x9, 4x3x8.5, 4x3x8

G0006204, G0006203, G0006202, G0006201, G0006200, G0006199, G0006198, G0006197, G0006196, G0006195, G0006020Impeller, 5x4x141

5x4x13.5, 5x4x13, 5x4x12.5, 5x4x12, 5x4x11.5, 5x4x11, 5x4x10.5, 5x4x10, 5x4x9.5, 5x4x9

G0006168, G0006167, G0006166, G0006165, G0006164, G0006163, G0006021Impeller, 6x5x11 and 8x6x111
6x5x10.5 and 8x6x10.5
6x5x10 and 8x6x10
6x5x9.5 and 8x6x9.5
6x5x9 and 8x6x9
6x5x8.5 and 6x5x8.5
6x5x8 and 8x6x8

G0006214, G0006213, G0006212, G0006211, G0006210, G0006209Impeller, 6X5X141

6x5x13.5, 6x5x13, 6x5x12.5, 6x5x12, 6x5x11.5

G0006224, G0006223, G0006222, G0006221, G0006220, G0006219, G0006218, G0006217, G0006216Impeller, 8x6x141

8x6x13.5, 8x6x13, 8x6x12.5, 8x6x12, 8x6x11.5, 8x6x11, 8x6x10.5, 8x6x10
15G0006025Housing Assembly, 3x2x131

G0006026Housing Assembly, 4x3x131

G0006027Housing Assembly, 5x4x141

G0006028Housing Assembly, 6x5x111

G0006029Housing Assembly, 6x5x141

G0006030Housing Assembly, 8x6x111

G0006031Housing Assembly, 8x6x141
16G0006032Housing Stud with Nut12
16AG0006309Housing Stud12
16BG0006310Housing Nut12
17AG0006033Fluid End Gasket Kit1
17G0006034Housing Gasket1
18G0006035Impeller Seal, O-ring1
19G0006036Shaft Sleeve Seal, O-ring1
20AG0006037Oil Seal Kit1
20G0006038Inboard Bearing Oil Seal1
21G0006039Inboard Exclusion Seal1
22G0006040Outboard Bearing Oil Seal1
23AG0006041Power End Gasket Kit1
23G0006042Inboard Bearing Cover Gasket1
24G0006043Outboard Bearing Housing Seal, O-Ring1
25G0006044Outboard Bearing Cover Seal, O-ring1
26G0006045Bearing Lock Nut Kit1
26AG0006280Bearing Lockwasher1
26BG0006281Bearing Lock Nut1
27G0006279Outboard Bearing Cover Bolt2
28G0006106Bearing Housing Bolt2
29G0006282Inboard Bearing Cover Bolt2
Bearing Cover Plug2
Grease Fitting, Zerk, 1/16"NPT2
Stuffing Box Bolt2
Oil Plug2
Grease Fitting, Zerk1
Plug, Grease Lubed Pump, 1/4"NPT1
Breather Plug1
Coupling Key1
Casing Wear Plate, 4x3x131

Casing Wear Plate, 5x4x141

Casing Wear Plate, 6x5x111

Casing Wear Plate, 6x5x141

Casing Wear Plate, 8x6x111

Casing Wear Plate, 8x6x141
Outboard Labyrinth Seal1
Inboard Labyrinth Seal1
Rubber Plug1
Oil Dip Stick, Push in1
Oil Dip Stick, Threaded1
Outboard Bearing Housing Adjusting Bolt2
Outboard Bearing Housing Adjusting Nut2

Remarks: The above mentioned part number is used for helping our customer fast confirmation only. We are not authorized to use these part numbers on any of our pump parts.

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