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Slurry Pump Metal Impeller Wear Parts

Impeller is a rotor, rotating component of a centrifugal pump. Front and rear shrouds have pump out vanes that reduce recirculation and seal contamination. Hard metal and molded elastomer impellers are completely interchangeable. Cast in impeller threads require no inserts or nuts. High efficiency and high head designs are also available. It increa ...


40PV-SV Model Belt Drive Small Sump Pump

  Specification: Capacity (m3/h): 17-43.2 Head (m): 4-28.5 Speed (r/min): 1000-2200 Max. Efficiency N-n%: 40 Allowable Max. Power (Kw): 15 Standard Submerged Depth (mm): 900,1200   Description: The vertical centrifugal slurry pumps are designed to be immersed in liquid for conveying abrasive, coarse particles, dirty water and p ...