Pump did not intake water 

    1. turning wrong or impeller damage
    2.suction pipe plug 
    1.checking turning , and renewal impeller 
    2.exclude plug 
The shaft power is too big 
    1. friction occurred in pump  
    2. damage the bearing 
    3. belt is tie for driving device 
    4. pumping capacity is too big 
    5. rotate speed is too high , medium specific gravity is great 
    6. motor shaft is not parallel to motor shaft , or they are misalignment . 
    1.dispel the friction 
    2.change bearing 
    3.adjust belt 
    4.adjust the pumps operation condition 
    5.adjust rotate speed 
    6.adjust motor shaft and pump shaft 
Bearing is overheating 
    1.too much or too little grease for bearing 
    2.grease in debris 
    3.bearing damage 
    1.add appropriate grease 
    2.renewal grease 
    3.renewal bearings 
Bearing life is short 
    1.Motor shaft and pump shaft are misalignment , or they are not parallel 
    2.bearing is bend . 
    3.friction within pump or impeller lost balance 
    4.foreign matter went into bearing or the quantity of grease is not reasonable 
    1.adjust motor shaft and pump shaft 
    2.renewal shaft 
    3.Eliminate friction , renewal impeller 
    4.cleaning bearings 
    5.renewal bearing or assemble bearing again . 
Pump vibration , big noise 
    1.bearing damage 
    2.impeller is imbalance 
    3.the flow is not uniform and the pump is empty 
    1.renewal bearing 
    2.renewal impeller 
    3.improve the pump feed