Sunbo Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps

Sunbo slurry pumps and replacement parts for Warman® pumps are our main services , specially working on dredging,Centrifugal Slurry Pump. Reclassified as Heavy Duty Slurry Pump, High Pressure Slurry Pump, Rubber Lined Slurry Pump, Gravel Pump, Sump Pump, Froth Pump, FGD Pump ...

blender frac pump,oil pump

Blender Frac Pump

We offer oil blender frac pump ,pump model 14x12x22, High Chrome Alloy material The 14x12x22 frac pump is using advanced manufacturing technologies and material sciences to extend the long service life. It is single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal slurry sand pump ...

Sand Pump

Sand Pump / Gravel Pump

SG(H) dredge and gravel pump is designed for pumping extremely aggressive slurry, contain large particle, and is capable to handle big solid at consistently high efficiency results in low cost of ownership. The large volume internal profile of the casing reduces associated velocities further increasing component life.

 sump pump

SV Sump Pump

The vertical centrifugal slurry pumps are designed to be immersed in liquid for conveying abrasive, coarse particles, dirty water and particle contaminated water. Due to the design of the pump assembly, a shaft seal is not required and the pump can be operated in conditions that most pumps would ...

Slurry Pump Parts,Pump Wear Parts

Slurry Pump Spare Parts

Offer spare parts interchangable with warman® pump,Impeller, Volute Liner, Thoratbush, FPL, Expeller, Expeller Ring. High Chrome Alloy and Natural Rubber materials are available. We could offer SA05,SA07,SA01,SA11,SA22,SA23,SA25,SR26,SR33
,SR55,SR08,SU01,SS42,SS10,SS01,SS21,SS31 ...

OEM Pump Parts,OEM Service

OEM Pump & Spare Parts

OEM and ODM are big parts of our business. We can OEM pumps and spare parts as requested samples or drawings. Especially, abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance casting works.