The 14x12x22 frac pump is using advanced manufacturing technologies and material sciences to extend the long service life. It is single stage, single suction, horizontal centrifugal slurry sand pump, which is suited for handling big capacity of abrasive, corrosive and plain tough slurries with high sand concentration, especially oil and gas stimulation and hydraulic fracturing applications.

Sunbo Frac Pump fluid ends spare parts are made of high chrome alloy, A05, ASTM532, Class III, Type A, Hardness 62HRC. Our pumps and spare parts are interchangeable with famous brand Mission magnum xp pump, Housing 6662001007, Front Cover 662014051, Impeller 662005010, Stufiing Box, Mech. Seal 662014052.

Compact dimension design make the fracking pump ideal for mobile or stationary applications. The frac pump 14x12x22 can deliver flow rates from 3000 - 7500 gpm at 75 - 410 feet of head at low speeds.


•  Impeller back vanes acid in the reduction of solids collecting between the stuffing box and impeller that also decrease casing inner pressure.
•  Replaceable casing wear pad
•  Double angular contact bearing eliminate shaft end play and enhance bearing and ,mechanical seal life time
•  Long life time mechanical seal with no adjustment, zero leakage
•  Front access drain for easy access
•  Full pipe diameter entrance for maximum efficiency
•  Replaceable shaft sleeve prevent shaft wear and easy maintenance
•  Stainless steel stuffing box bolts make stuffing box replacement simple
•  Thick, robust, concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pad
•  100% compatible with current marketing offerings

Typical Application:

•  Frac Blending
•  Sand Slurry
•  Dredge Tailing
•  Slag
•  Bottom Ash
•  Blending
•  Waste Slurry
•  Fluid Supercharging
•  Sewage
•  Paper and pulp processing
•  Lead and zinc ore and tailings
•  Copper, Bauxite, and Quarry Slurry