The SF Froth Pump is of heavy duty construction, designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive frothy slurries. It has a vertical shaft configuration and comprise a hopper, with vertical Bearing Assembly, and Type 'HS' pump wet-end. It features a wide choice of replaceable abrasion resistant metal or moulded rubber casing liners and impellers.

The type 'SF' Froth Pump is designed to effectively handle frothy slurries by de-aerating the froth, by an induced vortex effect, before it enters the pump impeller.

Important design features of this range pumps include:

Cartridge type Bearing Assembly
Heavy duty screw thread impeller attachment
Through-bolt design throughout
Replaceable casing liners
Choice of range of metal or rubber liners and impellers
Minimum number of casing bolts