ZGB(P) slurry pumps is horizontal cantilever single-stage, single-suction, double-case and high head of delivery centrifugal slurry pump.

Series ZGB(P) UP-to-date generation Slurry Pump with large capacity, high head, multi-stages in series to remove ash & sludge and to deliver liquid-solids mixture. The series of pump has the advantages of reasonable construction, high efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance.


* D(mm): 390--760
* Q(l/s): 1.0--533.3
* H(m): 3.1--94.2
* N(r/min): 740---1480
* N(%): 47.4--81.2


1. Pump head-Double-case pump is vertical split, the discharge can be installed at 8 different positions with an interval of 45 degree.

2. Wide passage, non-clogging and good performance of NPSH;

3. Expeller seal combined with packing seal and mechanical seal have be adopted to guarantee the slurry from leakage;

4. The metric bearing with oil lubrication, reasonable lubrication and cooling systems ensure the bearing to be operated under the low temperature;

5. The materials of wet parts have the good performance of anti-wearing and anti-corrosion;

6. The pump can be used for seawater ash-removing to prevent it from the corrosion of seawater, salt and mist, and electrochemical corrosion;

7. The pump can be operated in series with multi-stage within permissible pressure. The permissible maximum working pressure is 3.6MPa.