Capacity (mĀ³/h): 540-1548

Head (m): 2.5-26

Speed (r/min): 350-700

Max. Efficiency Ī·%: 60

Allowable Max. Power (Kw): 200

Standard Submerged Depth (mm): 1800,2100,2400



The vertical centrifugal slurry pumps are designed to be immersed in liquid for conveying abrasive, coarse particles, dirty water and particle contaminated water.


Due to the design of the pump assembly, a shaft seal is not required and the pump can be operated in conditions that most pumps would have a low service life and their seal arrangement would not be effective.




The sump pump body is bolted to the support plate. The bearing Assembly is designed on the top of the support plate. The physical layout of the submersible sump pump simplifies maintenance operations


Vertical cantilever design eliminates the need of shaft seal or sealing water, the centrifugal sump pump can function property even when there is insufficient slurry getting to the suction side.


The open impeller design has vanes on both sides to balance the centrifugal forces to ensure stable operation. Wide flow passage allows large particle and high viscosity slurries to get through.


The double screen filters are set at the suction side to stop big particles out of the slurry. Protect pump life time.


Installation Types:


DC: The motor mounting base is set above the bearing assembly, connect with couplings. It is easyu to install and repair.


BD: A V-belt is used to connect the motor shaft to pump shaft. The motor frame is above the bearing assembly. In this way, it is easy to replace the grooved wheels. The purpose of swapping grooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump to meet different pump working conditions or conform to the worn-down sump pump.