Sand Pump

SSA series centrifugal sand pump is designed for continuous operation of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive, or just plain tough to pump. SSA Series Pump are more compact in design, and it can be adaptted for hydraulic motor drive. It is mainly used for oilfield frac trucks as well as blending and pump dealing for water well drilling solid control system applications.


1. Open impeller,apply to transport high viscosity drilling liquid.
2. Combination seal for a long service life.
3. All pump models, use same frame support, convenient in maintainace and cut down costs.
4. The major parts are made from antiwear nodular iron,and long service life.

Common Applications:

Sand Slurry
Charge Pump
Waterwell Drilling
Puple and Paper
Food Processing
Cooper, bauxite, and quarry slurries
Zinc, Ore, coal tailings